What Goes into a Heating & A/C Estimate?

We know that the need for heating and A/C repairs often come at unexpected times. On top of that, many of our Evansville clients want to know how an estimate is put together. At Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we understand that your time and money are important to you, so we wanted to share a little of what goes into a heating and A/C estimate.

On Average

For 2016, industry standards show that the average homeowner can expect to spend between $150-500 on an A/C repair visit. That’s a pretty wide gap! We know that our clients like to know what to expect before we present them with the final bill.

Do You Have a Home Protection Plan?

Before we prepare an estimate, we’ll look to see if you have a home protection plan with us, or if you’d be interested in investing in our annual service plan. This one-time cost can save you big bucks down the road. For just $149 per year, our protection plan will get you all of the following:

  • Annual heating system tune-up and inspection (one system)
  • Annual air conditioning system tune-up and inspection (one system)
  • 10% savings on parts and labor for all HVAC repairs
  • Priority scheduling

What’s Going On?

The more information you can give us, the better chance we can give you an accurate estimate that will come close to your final cost. So if you can tell us if the unit won’t cut off, there’s a strange smell or strange sound, etc., these things help us to put together an estimate that helps you and your family.

Time and Materials

All of our technicians are highly skilled and trained, and they will arrive at your home with the supplies necessary to repair your home heating and A/C system. Part of your estimate accounts for the time our technicians spends at your home and the materials needed to fix the issue. This portion of the estimate can be greatly impacted by the information you initially give us. If we’re able to have a good idea of the problem at hand when we arrive, our technicians save time and can ensure we have the proper materials ready to go.

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