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You probably rely on the plumbing in your home much more than you realize. The water you use day in and day out is likely to be unappreciated until you encounter a plumbing problem. The professionals at Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., which serves the greater Evansville, Indiana area, have the expertise to address any issue that you may encounter, and this includes water leak detection. If you are losing water through a leak anywhere inside or outside your home, this can cost you money.

They were very nice and respectful of our customers

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“They did a great job! They were very nice and respectful of our customers. Our heating system is very old and connected to NOVAR, they even contacted NOVAR to get the problem corrected and get heat in our building working as soon as possible.”
- Cindy

Signs of Water Leaks

One of the first indications that you are losing water unnecessarily inside or outside your property may be a higher water bill. This may have you digging a little further to determine why it’s necessary for you to pay more all of the sudden.

For proper leak detection, look in these areas:

  • Water puddles in your front or backyard
  • Decreased level of water pressure
  • Potholes in your driveway
  • Sudden loss of hot water
  • Hearing a sound like running water frequently in your home
  • Buckling of the floors in your home
  • Wet areas around the water pipes of your sink

Emergency Leak Detection Services

It can be difficult to determine if you have a leaky pipe, especially if you’re not experiencing the obvious signs like pooling puddles of water. Luckily, Baylor’s emergency leak detection services can detect even the sneakiest leak and prevent your plumbing system from incurring further damage. Typical signs of a leak might include a decrease in water pressure, sudden loss of hot water and buckling flooring. If you suspect a leak somewhere within your plumbing system, rely on Baylor Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for emergency leak detection services.

Ways We Diagnose the Problem

Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning has expert technicians who have undergone extensive training to diagnose and treat any water leaks you may be facing. We have the most up-to-date digital leak detecting technology to help us find precisely where the water loss is coming from for you.

The instruments we use can perform on any hard surface, and this includes ice, snow or asphalt.

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Why waste more of your hard earned money than you need to on water leaks? The staff at Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. in the greater Evansville, Indiana area is here to help you today, and we’re only a phone call away. Contact us or give us a call at 812.425.8435 and let us do the leak detection work for you!

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