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John Weber

March 16, 2020 via

I just wanted to tell you all: Jason, Eric, Tim, Deniece, and Bub what a pleasure it is to do business with you all. There are few companies still around that you can do business with only a handshake so to speak. You all are first class people: friendly, personable, and very talented. Bub – I hope you’re back to 100% or close to it. It is a pleasure to now know you, and to do business with you.

Harry and Kim Spilman

February 7, 2019 via

My husband and I had to have a new water heater and water softener put in recently. When we contacted Baylor, they came out immediately. The sales rep and the repairmen spent a lot of time trying to find the same model that we currently had. With it being 25 years old, the water heater we had was no longer available. They gave us several options and suggested a “tankless” water heater. After we did some research on our own, we found this was the best way to go. Even though the “tankless” was more expensive, we will save money in the long run with the energy efficient system. We know we can count on Baylor to service our needs anytime we call them. We will be needing a new air conditioner in the spring and Baylor will be the company we will be calling. They did not treat us like a “customer” but like they were trying to help a friend.

Jan Lindauer

July 12, 2019 via

I just wanted you to be aware of what a wonderful employee you have in Dan, who is a great representative of your Company. He had been to my friend’s home this morning for a service call and she had mentioned that we had not turned our AC on as my husband was under the impression it might not be ready to turn on, etc. so he had taken the liberty of calling me personally for he did not want us to be without AC (I have an appointment for next week already) for it is warm and humid. Anyway, he checked with the people who had installed our new furnace, AC and air cleaner back in November of 2013 to make certain everything was okay (it was a mis-communication with my husband) and called me back to inform me that it was safe to turn the AC on for he didn’t want us to be without AC. He was so kind and caring and I was extremely impressed (you don’t see that type of customer service these days) and I had to let you know that he is the ultimate advertisement for Baylor HVAC (the best advertising is by word of mouth as we all know) and Dan is the best. I appreciated him taking the time and effort to contact us and take care of us. Thank you so much, Dan, and Baylor for taking care of your customers.

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