What Are Some Features on My AC I Need to Know?

If you’re like many Evansville residents, you don’t know much about the ins and outs of your home air conditioner. That makes sense since it’s all too easy to not pay attention to how a thing works until it breaks. Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. wanted to take this opportunity to looks at some of the features on your AC that you may not be that familiar with.

Your Ductwork

Did you know that if the ducts in your home aren’t sized and balanced properly, your air conditioner will never cool your home as efficiently and as well as it should? Externally insulated round ducts are the most efficient kind of duct work while long runs of flexible duct tend to be the worst.

Air Filter

Air filters should be located where they are easy for you at access. Since the filters should be replaced about every month of so, you should be able to find the location and replace the filter with little trouble.

Your Refrigerant

Federal law requires R-22 to be phased out in 2015; what little that remains available for servicing after that will be very expensive. It’s recommended to look towards upgrading to a system that uses the environmentally friendly R-410A instead. Call us to learn more.


For indoor ACs an attic-mounted furnaces will eventually leak and cause ceiling damage, unless you take special design precautions on the the exterior. Furnaces mounted in closets at floor level are less prone to cause leaks and water damage, and they are much easier to service moving forward.

The worst places to locate outdoor AC units are where they can be seen and heard. This includes places like outside a bedroom window. You also want to avoid places where they can be easily damaged.

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