The Elements of an Efficient HVAC System

We’ve gotten several calls from our Evansville clients curious about what makes for an efficient HVAC system. In this article, Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. looks at the elements of an efficient HVAC system and explains what to do if you’re ready to upgrade to a newer more energy efficient system for your home.

Why Newer Models Are More Efficient

Today’s HVAC systems are specifically  designed to meet stricter environmental, indoor air quality, and user requirements. Much of the progress in HVAC system efficiency has come as the result of improvements in the operating efficiency of important system components or the use of technologies that are either entirely new or new to the HVAC field.

What that Means for Homeowners

Evansville homeowners can expect a new, energy efficient system designed to meet the needs of occupants better and more reliably than older systems, and to do it using one-third to one-half the energy required by older systems.

What’s Changed in Efficient HVAC Systems

Although there are many individual advances that have helped to make HVAC systems more efficient, five factors account more much for the efficiency in newer HVAC models:

  • Development of low kW/ton chillers
  • Use of high-efficiency boiler control systems
  • Application of direct digital control (DDC) systems
  • Matching of variable frequency drives to pump, fan, and chiller motors
  • Use of energy efficient motors

With these elements in place, Evansville homeowners with newer HVAC systems benefit from the perks mentioned above as well as the increased possibility of lower utility bills throughout the year.

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