5 Tips for Maximizing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency isn’t a concept of the future. Instead, many homeowners today can implement just a few changes in their everyday lives to make their homes more energy efficient. Here at Baylor, we often get questions from clients about how to get started on the road to energy efficiency, so we thought we’d use this blog post to do just that: give you the answers. The more you know, right?

Five Tips to Maximize Efficiency

  1. Check The Seals – This is the simple act of going around your home and checking the seals on your windows and doors. You might find that a significant draft is coming in. If this is the case, be sure to have a heating and cooling team come in and tighten those seals.
  2. Check The Duct Work – These crucial parts of your HVAC system – the ducts – get a heavy work load. As such, check them periodically to ensure there are no leaks in your duct work. If at all possible, insulate your duct work to ensure more energy efficiency.
  3. Invest In a Programmable Thermostat – This new technology can make a world of difference. A programmable thermostat can be programmed to turn down the temp or turn it up, depending on the season, whenever you’re not home. So, let’s say you rush off to work without turning off the AC for the day. Your pre-programmed thermostat does that job for you. Saving you money and energy.
  4. Insulate Your Water Heater – The water heater does a significant amount of work in your home. By insulating it, the water heater doesn’t have to work twice as hard to heat up the water in the tank. Insulation goes a long way for the water heater.
  5. Get an App! – Finally, you can download an energy efficiency app for your smart phone. This is a way to track your energy usage. We’ve found that once this information is recorded and presented to homeowners via the app, it’s usually pretty surprising and enlightening what changes can be made to be more energy efficient.

Change Isn’t Bad

Don’t be worried about make that change toward energy efficiency. Just these five steps will make a huge difference in the long run. Plus, you’ll save money on your utility bills too! For more information on transitioning your home to an energy efficient one, call Baylor Heating and Air! 812.425.8435

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