4 Tips for Reducing Your Energy Costs

Heating and cooling are the biggest source of energy costs for homeowners. During a particularly cold or hot season, you could find yourself in financial strain. Luckily, there are some simple things that you can do to help reduce your energy costs each month. Here are the top four tips for reducing your energy costs.

1) Check & Clean Your Vents

Before you start messing with the thermostat, go around your home and check your vents. Ensure that the vent is open, and run a damp cloth over it to clean it. A closed vent can prevent your system from cooling or heating the room properly. Dirty vents can slow the flow of air, further straining your system.

2) Change Your Air Filter

Another often overlooked component of your heating and cooling system is the air filter. Routinely changing the air filter can improve your energy costs. Homeowners saw up to 20% increase in energy efficiency after regularly replacing their air filter. Those are savings that add up in the long run!

3) Adjust the Temperature

Adjusting your thermostat when you aren’t home or are sleeping is a great way to save some dough each month. Many smart thermostats, like the Nest, are coming out on the market. These thermostats allow you to control your system from your smart phone or computer. You can set schedules that will cool your home before you arrive and increase or lower the temperature when you leave.

4) Regular Maintenance

Ensuring that you have regular maintenance and inspection of your heating and cooling system is crucial in maintaining optimal energy efficiency. If you have a leak, or a malfunction, you can repair and fix the issue before it impacts your monthly bill.

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