Why Home Power Surge Protection is Important

Some of our customers don’t know about surge protectors, or that you can get one for your entire home, or that it’s something that’s pretty easy to get at a local hardware store!

But, before you get one and now that you know they exist, you need to know why they’re important for your home.

Saves Appliances and Electronics

The main reason people invest in surge protectors for their entire home is that, really, they’re protecting their investments. If you think about it, there’s probably a lot of money that went into your home in the form of appliances and electronics. If you’re not protecting those, and they get fried during a storm, you’ve just experienced possibly thousands of dollars worth of damage in one instance.

Protecting these appliances – your washing machine or your dish washer – and electronics – televisions and computers – is essentially saving your pocketbook down the line. When you invest in a home surge protector, you’re ensuring that – should your home suffer a power outage or lightening strike – you’re good for the next few years with the current appliances you have.

You’re not burdened all at once with replacing several appliances and gadgets.

Saves Your Heating and Cooling Unit

When you install a surge protector, you’re also protecting your HVAC system. If that were to all go out at the same time, you’d be facing the same dilemma as if your appliances went out…you’d have to replace the entire unit all at once.

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