When is it Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning System in Evansville?

Think of summer as a marathon test system of endurance for your air conditioning system.  Like all marathon runners, there are only so many races to be completed before even one more is impossible.

Has that time come for your AC system?  Maybe, maybe not.  But if you’re noticing any of these warning signs, then it’s at least worth getting it checked out by an Evansville HVAC professional:

  • Sudden surges in your electricity bill
  • Hot and cold spots throughout your home
  • Signs of leakage on or around your outdoor unit
  • Noisy operation
  • The need to lower the thermostat more than once to get just the right temperature
  • The system runs non-stop, or at least more often than you remember

Another indication that your system might be nearing the end is its age.  Most systems last an average of 10-15 years before even one more repair is no longer worth it.  Not sure how old your system is?  Go grab the serial number off your outside condensing unit or indoor heat exchanger and call the manufacturer to find out.

Ultimately, anything other than a complete system failure requires a judgment call as to replacing your system now, or hanging on to yours for maybe one more summer or so.

Looking for some expert advice?  Then contact the home comfort professionals at Baylor today for an AC system inspection or to report a specific repair problem.  Either way, we’ll look things over, explain your options, and give you our best advice.  We are air conditioning professionals that design and install only high quality systems that meet the requirements of your home, family, and budget.

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