What Does the Override Feature on my AC Do?

hvac services Henderson, INDid you just move to a new place, and now you find yourself confused about how your new thermostat works? That’s normal! Here, we’ve provided a guide to one of the main features of your air conditioning system: the override feature. This is one part of your new AC system that you’ll definitely want to know more about!

What is my override feature? Basically, your override feature allows your AC unit to be shut on and off for short periods of time. It is part of your system’s automatic settings. There are many benefits commonly associated with using your AC’s override feature.

What are the benefits of using my override feature? Using your override feature provides a great way to get ventilation when your AC is set to off. It’s also useful when you want to eliminate or reduce the noise that comes from your fan.

How do I use the override feature on my AC? Most AC units have an automatic settings panel, that is used to dictate when it will shut off or turn on. If your AC is on, you can simply press the override button to keep it on for longer, or shut off for a period of time. With the override feature, you’re able to determine specific amounts of time for keeping your unit on and off.

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