The Top 4 Benefits of an Air Conditioning Tune-up in Darmstadt and Fort Branch

There’s nothing new about the concept of pre-season air conditioning tune-ups. It’s something that needs to be done once a year for optimal system performance – every home owner knows that, and no one argues the logic behind it.

And yet, only about 25% of home owners have their AC system faithfully maintained, once a year, by a licensed and experience HVAC professional. Which sometimes makes us wonder: Where’s the disconnect?

Well, short of conducting a survey of area home owners, the best we can is speculate as to what keeps people from requesting an annual tune-up and inspection. And from our experience, the number one reason can be summed up as “fear of the unknown.” As in, “what if they find something WRONG with my system, then what?!”

Well, just in case you’ve ever experienced that or similar fear, allow us to put your mind at ease by presenting the top 4 reasons why you really, really should have your system professionally maintained once a year:

  1. Minimize the potential or extent of repairs – No one wants to imagine their AC system shutting down on a hot steamy day, but ironically, the more you ignore basic preventative care, the more likely those repairs are to happen. With regular maintenance, we can spot early warning signs and – way more often than not – fix the problem far more affordably then putting it off and waiting until the problem results in impaired or no service at all from your AC system.
  1. Maximize your investment – It stands to reason that the better it’s maintained, the fewer problems you’re going to have with your AC system and the longer it’s going to last. In other words, when you do the math, annual AC maintenance actually ends up saving you money.
  1. Reduced utility costs – Well-maintained systems also run more efficiently, and the greater the operating efficiency, the lower your utility costs.
  1. Elimination of cold and hot spots – Here at Baylor, we actually run your system during the tune-up and inspection process: there’s only so much you can learn with it off. And while it’s running, we go from room to room to make sure you’re getting an even distribution of cool air. If not, that’s something we can adjust for.

Ultimately, it all comes down to trust. As in, do you trust your air conditioning service provider to perform high quality work while offering you honest, professional advice? If not, then we invite you to put us to the test: Baylor Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. It’s not just our goal to ensure your 100% satisfaction with our service. We guarantee it.

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