The Best Use of Ductless Air Systems in Evansville & Darmstadt, IN

Ever notice how not everything in life is “all or nothing”?

It’s those numerous and ever-expanding shades of grey that help to keep life interesting.

Well, here’s another prime example.  Let’s say you’re contemplating finishing your attic and turning it into a study or another bedroom.  Or perhaps converting your deck into a 3-season or year-round family room.  Before launching into such a project, one thing you’re always going to do – or should do – is talk to your builder or HVAC contractor to make sure your current system can handle the expansion.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume it can’t.  In “all or nothing” world, you’d have no choice but to replace with something bigger and better.  But that’s not the world we live in, at least not here at Baylor Heating, AC & Plumbing.  Because here, we can design and install a stand-alone ductless air system just right for that new space.

Come to think of it, ductless air systems have numerous applications for homes with and without duct work.  Here’s how they work.

  • There’s an outside condensing unit, just like with a central air system.
  • But instead of connecting to a heat exchanger, each condensing unit connects to a wall-blower that distributes the air.
  • Each condensing unit can handle up to 5 wall blowers for added flexibility.

Ductless air systems also feature:

  • Super quiet, remote control operation
  • Tremendous energy efficiency
  • Heating and cooling, all rolled up into one neat package

So before you go throwing out your current AC or heating system with the bath water, so to speak, contact Baylor for more information about a ductless air system for your home. And find out how much more comfortable you can be in places you never thought possible!

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