The Benefits of a Variable Speed AC System in Evansville & Haubstadt, IN

Who on earth would buy an AC system in August or any other time except spring or early summer?

Lots of people, actually. Especially those who know that now is the time of year when you can make your best deals. That’s because AC companies – and ours is no exception – have leftover inventory. Well, before too much longer, we’re going to want these units out of here so we can stock up on new home and commercial heating systems.

And yes, there’s also that little matter of wanting to keep our installers busy. Even they’re happier when they’re working!

So, now you know that there are deals to be had, does that mean that you have to settle for any ol’ AC system just to save a few bucks? Absolutely not. In fact, you can afford to be just as choosy as you like. In the process, we encourage you to insist on a high efficiency variable speed system.

The higher the energy efficiency rating, the more you save on your energy bills. At the same time, variable speed systems help you save even more with their two-speed operation, unlike the one-speed system you most likely have now. With a one speed unit, the fan is either on, or it’s not. The constant on and off action eats up a lot of electricity and exerts tons of wear and tear on working parts.

By contrast, variable speed systems don’t shut off until you shut them off. While they’re operating, they revert from one fan speed to the other as needed. Less wasted energy. Less wear and tear. Longer system lifespan. And greater energy savings.

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