Older Homes and Lead Pipes: What You Need to Know

The Center for Disease Control is a trusted resource all over the nation. As such, when they release a report, we all tend to listen. One of the fundamental statements they’ve come out with in the past 50 years that we as plumbers and homeowners MUST listen to is this: the dangers that exist in lead pipes.

Lead Pipes in Older Homes

In homes that are older, it’s possible that lead pipes are in place. These were the standard for home building materials in the early centuries of the United States. However, today we know so much about this danger. Lead is actually toxic to humans, so consumption is just not safe.

Unfortunately, lead is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. This means that if it’s in place at a home, the residents most likely won’t know it. This is where we come in as professionals. We ensure to run tests for lead in the water, as this is the only true way to detect it in tap water.

To combat the possibility of lead in residential water, we install water filtration systems. In more severe cases, we make sure to replace the entire plumbing system altogether. This is not a risk that we want anyone to take.

Replacing the Plumbing

It may seem drastic that we often suggest replacing the plumbing completely in older homes. However, we do this because even if the pipes themselves aren’t made of lead, the joints that connect the pipes might be. If you’re worried about pricing, we will work with you. We offer coupons and financing here at Baylor Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing. This is because your safety is our concern: 812.425.8435.

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