Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Tankless Water Heater in Top Condition

Tankless water heaters are getting increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your tankless water heater working in top condition for many years.

Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Tankless Water Heater in Top Condition

That is why Baylor Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing provides detailed maintenance services to help you keep your tankless water heater working in top condition. Contact us to find out what we do. In the meantime, read on to learn how to maintain your tankless water heater and avoid costly repairs properly.

6 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Tankless Water Heater in Top Condition

If you want your tankless water heater to perform optimally, follow these maintenance tips:

1. Check And Clean The Air Filter Regularly

The air intake filter prevents dust, dirt, and other particles from entering the unit and clogging up sensitive components like valves and connections that could otherwise cause a malfunction. Clean the filter regularly using a soft brush and soapy water. After that, rinse with clean water and leave to dry before reinstalling. If you cannot find a filter on your unit or are not able to clean it on your own, contact us for help.

2. Clean The Water Filter

The water filter prevents hard particles from entering the unit and stopping up the burner or other components. To clean the water filter, shut off the water supply to the unit, remove it and clean under running water. Rinse with clear water after cleaning and reinstall before turning on your tankless system. If the water filter has a screen, remove it and clean it. The screen helps to trap dirt. If you need assistance cleaning the water filter, consult your user manual or contact an HVAC contractor near you.

3. Flush The Unit

As your tankless water heater continues to be used, minerals from the water accumulate in the heating chamber and over time can damage the heat exchanger. To avoid this, flush your unit once or several times a year depending on the type of water used in your area. If you have hard water, it is recommended to flush the unit twice a year or more. If you have soft water, flushing your heater once a year is sufficient. Flushing the unit also helps to ensure reliable performance and extends its lifespan.

Flushing a tankless water heater is not the same as flushing a regular tank heater. It is better to use a professional HVAC technician when flushing your tankless water heater.

4. Keep The Outer Parts Clean

The outer parts of your tankless water heater can easily get dusty and dirty. To keep them clean, use a damp cloth to wipe off dirt and dust from the cover, vents, and other components. Doing this helps to prevent debris from entering the unit. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals should never be used to clean any part of a tankless water heater.

5. Descale The Unit

Descaling is the process of removing limescale (calcium and magnesium) deposits that have accumulated inside the tankless water heater, which can interfere with its performance over time if not removed. The easiest way to descale your tankless water heater is to use a descaler.

To begin, disconnect the power supply to the water heater and close the water valves. Then, if your unit has a pressure relief valve, let out the pressure. Now insert the hoses into the ports labeled for cold and hot water. Put the pump in a bucket and attach the cold hose to it. Next, you should also place the hot hose in the bucket, followed by the descaler. Open the water ports, start the pump, and leave everything for about an hour. Finally, turn off the pump, shut the water ports, and pour out the water.

6. Schedule Regular Service

In addition to the maintenance tips listed above, you should also schedule regular service for your tankless water heater. Have an HVAC technician inspect and clean it every few years so that it continues to operate efficiently and without problems. 

These six tips should help to ensure that your tankless water heater runs efficiently and lasts a long time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to properly maintain your unit, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to offer professional advice and assistance. We are here to help.

What Are The Benefits of Regular Tankless Water Heater Maintenance?

Regular maintenance helps to ensure that your tankless water heater is running properly and efficiently. It also reduces the chances of problems occurring and extends its lifespan, saving you money in the long term. Regular maintenance can help prevent breakdowns, as well as reduce energy consumption by ensuring that your system is working optimally at all times.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Regular tankless water heater maintenance helps to ensure that your system is running at its peak efficiency levels. This can reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower monthly utility bills and saving you money.

Avoids Costly Repairs

Regular tankless heater maintenance helps to catch small issues before they become big headaches. Regular maintenance can easily avoid issues such as clogged filters or scale build-up, saving you money on costly repairs.

Extends The Lifespan of Your System

By doing regular maintenance, you’ll ensure that your tankless water heater lasts as long as possible. This provides peace of mind and lets you enjoy hot showers for years without worrying about costly replacements.

Improves Performance and Reliability

Regular maintenance helps to keep your tankless water heater running smoothly and reliably. This can help provide a consistent supply of hot water, so you’ll never have to worry about running out during peak times or when more than one person is using the system.

Reduces Risk of Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous and potentially lethal gas that can be produced if your tankless water heater isn’t functioning properly. Regular maintenance can help to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide leaks and provide you with peace of mind.

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