Learn How to Light a Furnace Pilot Light When Needed

Are you wondering how to light a furnace pilot light when needed? Having no idea how to do this or any other furnace maintenance can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to figure it out on your own without the help of an expert.

How Does a Furnace Work

The first thing you need to know about lighting a furnace pilot light is that it can be done by anyone. Most furnaces have no more than three or four steps involved in lighting them manually, although many furnaces will automatically light upon startup if they are equipped with a power-ignition module. If you don’t know how to light a furnace pilot light, keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

What Is a Pilot Light?

A pilot light is a small flame that constantly burns to keep the furnace hot. The furnace will not turn on without it. Most furnaces, including gas furnaces, use pilot lights. If your furnace is electric, it may have an electronic ignition instead.

How to Light a Furnace Pilot Light

Lighting a furnace pilot light is a very simple task that you may be able to do on your own.

Before lighting the furnace’s pilot, make sure you have all of your materials ready and are in an area where there are no open flames or sparks. This includes items like cigarette lighters or matches that might cause a fire to start if used improperly. 

Keep the area around the furnace clear of clutter and any flammable materials, like rags or paper towels. Have your tools close at hand, like the ladder you will need to reach the pilot light.

When you light a furnace pilot light for the first time, there are a few things that need to happen in order for you to get the hang of how it works.

  • Find The Instructions Label on Your Furnace

The first thing you need to do is find and read the instructions label on your furnace. It will clearly tell you if there are any steps that must be completed for your furnace to light properly. If it needs an electrical charge for it to light, then you may want to get a professional from Baylor Heating, Air Conditioning And Plumbing or turn on your circuit breaker, depending on your home wiring.

  • Find Pilot Light And Other Components

Your furnace pilot light is usually located near the control knob or somewhere on the front of your furnace. You will need to access it by removing any protective covering that is preventing you from getting to it. Find the switch and turn it Off. Wait at least five minutes. This lets the gas time dissipate to avoid causing a fire. Also, find flow sensors and/or safety shut-offs near your pilot light. They are usually located on the sides or back of your furnace.

  • Re-Light The Pilot Light

After inspecting and locating all elements near your pilot light, refer to your instruction label, if it is necessary, for you to light any additional devices before lighting the pilot light itself. Next, use a long stick with a match or lighter and slowly turn your knob/button to light your pilot light. If you are using a lighter, place it near the opening of the pilot light. The flame should be about the size of a dime or smaller; adjust it accordingly to make sure that it will stay lit only as long as needed.

Important Points to Remember

Make sure you have a long stick. Never use a match while your hand is on the knob. This could cause injury or damage to property if flammable products are nearby. If it starts to get bigger, blow it out and wait for a few minutes before trying again.

After about 2 minutes of lighting the pilot light, turn your knob/button to the On position and wait about 30 seconds before adjusting it. You may have to do this a few times, but you should be able to get it right after a little bit of practice.

If you are trying to figure out how to light a furnace pilot light, follow these steps for success every time! Light up your pilot light and you’ll be on your way to comfort.

If you are unable to light your pilot light according to the instructions given on the label, or if you don’t have a pilot light due to recently replacing your furnace, then contact Baylor HVAC for assistance. In some cases, we can send someone out with the tools and skills needed to light your pilot light for you.

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