Leaking Taps – Repairs Made Easy

Are you dealing with a leaky faucet? You’re certainly not alone! This is a common problem that homeowners deal with regularly, no matter how well-maintained your plumbing & faucets may be. And, guess what: You CAN repair most leaks on your own. Don’t be intimidated by a little DIY; modern faucets are super easy to fix (unless the problem is bigger than a minor leak – in which case, it’s always best to call in pro.)

So, let’s get going! What are some easy repair solutions for your leaky faucets? Check out our tips below:

Examine Your Faucet. Before you start attempting a repair, you should examine your faucet as closely as possible. This is important, because you’ll want to determine the exact location of your leak before beginning! Leaks around the end of your spout require a different repair method than leaks around the base of your spout, for instance.

Turn Off Your Water Supply. Always turn off your water supply before starting to repair your faucet. This is crucial!

Flush Out Debris. Before you replace any parts and put your faucet back together, you should open the water shutoff valve (just slightly!) to flush out any debris and keep your faucet clean.

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