How to Choose a Window Air Conditioner

Are you preparing to purchase a window AC? Here are some important factors to take into consideration.

Size and cooling capacity. Depending on the dimensions of the room where you’ll most often be using your portable A/C, it’s important to buy a unit that really fits your space – otherwise, there’s simply no point in getting one! After all, a too-small A/C unit will not only end up insufficiently cooling off your space, it’ll also be a waste of valuable energy. Before purchasing your portable A/C, take the time to measure the square footage of the room(s) you’ll be cooling.

Noise emittance level. Any type of air conditioning is bound to create some level of noise in your home, no matter which portable model you choose. However, there are definitely some units that are proven to be noisier than others – the noise emittance level of your portable A/C is an important factor to consider, since a too-loud A/C can negatively impact your sleep!

Energy efficiency. Happily, for the most part, portable air conditioning units are way more energy efficient than a central A/C system – which means good things for the environment and your electricity bills! Of course, the smaller the unit, the less energy that’s being emitted. But, you can also check out the official Energy Efficiency Ratio (or, EER) to compare certain models.

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