How to Choose a Home Generator

Whole house generators are important because they help keep all your electrical appliances running if there is a power outage or storm. Every home should have one! But, every home is different – so how do you decide which whole house generator is right for you? Knowing the differences between each generator, as well as their general features, can help you narrow your choices down. Here are the different types of whole home generators.

Generator Types

1) Automatic. A generator with an automatic switch will turn your generator on automatically when there is a power outage. Which means you don’t even need to be home for this type of generator to function!

2) Manual Switch. On the other hand, there’s a manual switch generator. These types of generators do require someone to turn them on, in the event of an outage.

You should also take into consideration which appliances you want to keep operating during a power outage, and how much energy these appliances require. For instance, if you live in a bigger home with tons of appliances (everything from TV’s, to a large-scale septic system) then you need to purchase a generator with more power operations. Or, if you want a generator that simply powers a few crucial appliances during an outage, then this is also something to consider.

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