How Long Does a Central Air Conditioner Last?

Air Conditioning ReplacementWhen you depend on your central air conditioner for comfort during the hot summer months, you want to know how long it will last before having to purchase a replacement. Most professionals will tell you that the lifespan of a central air conditioner varies based on a few different factors. Generally, a central air conditioning system will last between 12-15 years with good maintenance. Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. always wants our customers to be well informed on how they can extend the life of their air conditioning system and when it is best to replace it.

Regular Maintenance Is Key

When you are looking to extend the life of your central air conditioning system, the key is to perform regular maintenance. You wouldn’t let your car go 10 years without a checkup by a trained mechanic, why would you do that to your air conditioning system? Hiring a licensed AC technician to come and perform seasonal maintenance can increase the life of your cooling system. Regular maintenance can also help your system run more efficiently, saving you money each month on your energy bill.

When Should You Replace Your System?

If you are getting towards the end of your system’s life span, you may want to do a bit of research on the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) which compares your current unit’s energy consumption with it’s cooling output. You may actually find that newer central air conditioning systems are more energy efficient. Sometimes the energy efficiency is increased up to 30% with a new central air conditioner compared to older models. With that type of energy savings, it would be cheaper for you to purchase a new system than maintain an older one.

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