Evansville Water: Do You Need Water Purification?

Water purification is a common solution to some home plumbing problems within the Evansville area. Specifically, there are three main reasons why you might need water filtration installed in your home. Let’s discuss what those reasons are and why you need to address them.

Consider Water Purification…

If your water is a strange color – Sometimes, water comes from the tap in lighter colors – looking almost white – and in darker colors – looking yellow or brown. When this is the case, we suggest you play it better safe than sorry and have a water filtration system installed in your home’s plumbing. In short, this color of water could mean rusty pipes.

If your water feels “hard” – When your water feels hard, coming from any faucet, it could be that there are a lot of mineral deposits within your water. A water purification system can significantly soften the water by removing these minerals.

If you live in an older home – If you live in a home that is significantly older, you may be dealing with pipes that are also older. This can even be dangerous, should those pipes be made of lead. Lead can leech into you water, although odorless and tasteless, it can be harmful to your health.

Don’t Risk It

Don’t risk your health when water purification could help you play it safe. This simple addition to your home’s plumbing can make a world of difference. Have the Baylor Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing team come out and test your Evansville home’s water, determining if treatment and filtration is a necessity! 812.425.8435

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