Evansville Heating & Cooling: Top Things You Need to Know

Oh wonderful Evansville. The city of busyness and bustling traffic. The hub of Southwestern Indiana. We love it here, right? Well, most of the time at least. However, if you’re like us here at Baylor, you know that our location and busyness can really mess with you indoor heating and cooling. If you haven’t thought about it before, it sounds a little weird; but when you think about it, it makes sense. As such, let’s discuss the top things you need to know about running your HVAC system in the city of Evansville…really!

Need to Know Facts

First and foremost, our city seems like it’s getting larger and larger by the year. The population here is already well over 100,000 and it’s only getting bigger. With that in mind, think about your heating and cooling system. It’s actually having to work harder, than say a system in a rural community, because it’s having to filter out more pollutants in Evansville due to the higher population. With that being said, you need to know this: Change your unit’s filters frequently. 

We’d even suggest you change them monthly. This includes filters on your furnace and your air conditioner. They’re working hard to filter out dust and debris, so they need changing often.

Another top thing you need to know and consider is that we live on the crescent of the Ohio River. Being this close to water can really mess with the humidity in the air. Humidity can make it feel significantly wetter or hotter outside than it normally is. When it comes to your home then, you may be feel excessively hot inside, when really it’s the humidity in the air. Consider getting a dehumidifierThis purchase can go a long way in terms of your home’s comfort level, especially since the humidity is fooling you into thinking it’s hotter than it really is.

Evansville is Like Nowhere Else

We love this city, but to live here, we need to accommodate a little. Consider the tips we mentioned in this post, and contact Baylor Heating and Air for a check up visit to your HVAC system. We guarantee we’ll keep it healthy! 812.425.8435.

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