Common Furnace Warning Signs in Haubstadt and Henderson

Furnaces have their very own language, so to speak, and one that’s not very difficult to learn. That’s the good news.

And now for the bad: if your furnace is “talking” to you at all, that’s cause for concern. The concern being anything from a minor repair all the way to a total heating system replacement in Haubstadt, Henderson, and throughout the Greater Evansville area.

You see, new, high efficiency furnaces are so quiet you barely even know they’re on.  Then again, they’re designed that way to help you enjoy all the warmth and comfort they provide, without distraction.

Conversely, when a furnace isn’t properly maintained over the years or simply is nearing the end of its projected lifespan (15 – 20 years), it’s prone to talking up a storm. Here’s what to look and listen for, and the probable causes behind them:

Strange Noises

Furnaces are not supposed to ping, pop, wheeze, or make any other annoying sounds. If they are, it could indicate a worn or loose part, or restricted airflow.

Uneven Temperatures from Room to Room

Your home heating system, if properly designed and installed, initially gave you equal amounts of warm air from one room to the next. If that’s no longer the case, problems with airflow could once again be the cause. Or you could have one or more blocked registers, vents, or baseboard heating units on your hands.

Out-of-sight Home Heating Bills

You expect certain minor rate increases from year to year, but nothing that should be causing you sticker shock. If you’re paying way too much to heat your home, start by cleaning or changing the filter; if that alone doesn’t do the trick, a more thorough investigation will be required.

Thermostat not Responding

If you find yourself turning the thermostat ever higher to achieve even minimum levels of comfort, that’s another clear “message” that all is not well. In this case, the problem could be a faulty furnace or the thermostat itself.

What do all of these and other furnace warning signs have in common? Here at Baylor, we can thoroughly investigate every one of them and come up with exactly the right solution – or a range of optional solutions – to restore the kind of comfort levels you want while helping to reduce your home heating costs. So if your home heating system is acting up, give us a call for prompt and dependable service, a guaranteed upfront price, plus 24/7 emergency service if the problem simply can’t wait until morning

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