5 Simple & Affordable Home Improvements in Evansville and Fort Branch

No one wants to see their home turned into a Money Pit, and yet there is a flip side to that coin. As in, without a certain amount of upkeep, things can quickly turn south on you and only make matters more complicated when you do get around to making improvements.

So if you’ve been wondering what you can do to spruce things up without breaking the back, try implementing one or more of these hot and trending affordable home improvement projects:

• Show a little shelving. If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little shabby, trying going door-less. That’s right, simply remove the door and either clean, paint, or re-stain the edges and panels still showing. Of course, that might also require a little straightening up of what’s inside to make it all look presentable.

• My smock, please. Yes, nothing says “fresh” and “clean” like a new coat of paint. Especially if the scuff marks and other damage to your wall is past the point of cleaning.

• Shed some light on it. Finding your kitchen a little drab and dreary? There are a number of ways to give yourself more light to work with while adding a bit of elegance. Under-cabinet lighting, for example, is relatively easy to install and will make all your dinner prep and clean-up that much easier. Or try adding a few recessed lights or even track lighting to brighten things up a little more.

• Get a handle on things. It never ceases to amaze how, simply by replacing a kitchen or bathroom faucet, people will ask you how much you spent to remodel the entire room. Faucets are focal points unto themselves, and today, you have more options, styles, and finishes to choose from than ever.

• Anyone seen my shoes? Have one or more of your closets turned into a home for lost and forgotten items? First, the hard part. Pick one closet at a time, completely clean it out, and get rid of anything whose time has passed. Then, get yourself one or more closet organizers so you’ll have fewer things cluttering the floor and more stuff within your ready grasp.

If your plans include kitchen or bath upgrades, you can count on Baylor for timely and professional plumbing assistance, with your satisfaction guaranteed.

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